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Choosing the right dependencies is more of an art than a science. People usually apply different heuristics, like checking github star counts, commit frequency, issue counts, number of contributors, etc. (for a deeper introduction about the problem check out Russ Cox's great article).
After one of these discussion why i have chosen library A instead of B or C i came to an idea that is presented here.

Luckily most of the golang dependencies (libraries, frameworks) are open-source and located in one place, Golang's package import convention tells us how to actually find the source code of the dependencies, so we can check easily the dependency graph of go packages. If we wanna compare packages we could check which packages are used by more "important" packages/projects that sounds similar to idea od PageRank how importance of web pages can be computed. Even more we have additional useful information put together manually by the members of the community for example the star counts on a repo which could be used as weight in the computation. is showing a rank list based on this weighted PageRank value of github repos and for each analysed repositories, packages it shows the packages that are dependent on it or it depends on. The source code is available on github.

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